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Athletic Mouthguards

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Sports Dentistry Online – Athletic Mouthguards A great website to see the difference between “Boil and Bite” and Custom Mouthguards!

The American Dental Association estimates that mouthguards prevent over 200,000 injuries per year in high school and collegiate football.  But any type of mouthguard should work, right?

There any many types of mouthguards that are sold over the counter at your local pharmacy and sports store.  The most commonly used is called a “boil and bite” mouthguard that promises a great fit that parents and kids can make themselves at home.

But the truth is that that homemade mouthguards are too bulky, interfere with breathing and speaking.  Often times athletes cut out the back portion to increase personal comfort.  This alteration increases chances of a concussion caused by a fall or blow to the chin since the back teeth are no longer protected.  Mouthguards need to be a certain thickness, cover specific surfaces of teeth and gums, and should not interfere with breathing to have optimal prevention and protection from sports related injuries.

A custom made mouthguard at our dental office involves 2 appointments.

The first appointment we do a dental examination with x-rays to ensure that all teeth are in good condition.  An impression (or copy) is made of the athlete’s teeth, and a record of the bite is taken. The impressions and bite record are then sent to a dental lab that fabricates the mouthguard to specific parameters to ensure protection of teeth and supporting structures (gums and jaw bone).  The mouthguard is tried in and adjusted at the second appointment to ensure proper fit.  As a bonus to the athlete, team logos and colors can be added for a minimal cost $5-$10!

Replacing a single tooth that is lost due to injury can cost $3000-$5000 for replacement.  Protect your pearly white teeth if you participate in a high impact sport with a custom mouthguard!

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